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Oil Coolers

An oil cooler is a type of radiator that uses oil as a coolant. As the oil cools the object in question, it absorbs the heat. It then gets passed through a cooler, and back to the hot object. This is a continuous cycle, offering a steady cooling rate to your item.

It is generally used on high performance engines which are not, or cannot be, cooled with water. Often, an oil circulation system used for lubrication is adapted to allow this cooling system to take place. It requires a larger oil capacity and a greater flow rate through the oil pump, along with an oil-air oil cooler.

Types of Cooling System Services

One of the most common uses for an oil cooler is a high performance motorcycle engine. However, we offer these cooling systems for all sorts of services. Here are some examples for you:

– Plant

– Farming Motor sport Cars

– Many other vehicles.


We have also designed a new system using finless cores, which uses heavy duty tubing without the fins. This offers maximised air and cooling ability.


We offer a specialist intercooler and turbo intercooler service

Comprehensive stocks of new and exchange units, supported by extensive workshop facilities.

Leaking intercoolers and charge air coolers cause poor engine emissions, excessive fuel consumption, loss of power and potential engine damage.

Therefore, replacing your turbo intercooler can be a common task and one that needs special attention and knowledge.

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