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Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

Most modern cars come with an optional air conditioning system. As the technology improves, air-con systems are becoming more and more reliable. However, even the latest models still need regular servicing to stay healthy. A number of problems could arise if this small part of your brand new or used car is neglected. Don’t believe that just because it is a new model that it will take care of itself.

How Air Conditioning Servicing Could Help

Especially during hot summer months and unpredictable winters, air conditioners are prone to break down. This can be not only a hassle but potentially dangerous in extreme circumstances. Heat stroke and hypothermia cause a myriad of issues and an effective air conditioning system is one way to prevent this from happening.


A number of things can cause an air conditioning unit to break down. Too little refrigerant, old oil, a dirty system; all of these things can add to the eventual failure of your system. By sorting these problems out early you could potentially avoid the cost of completely replacing the system. Unfortunately, as air conditioning systems age, their ability to run effectively is diminished. This can be sorted with regular maintenance. This does not mean you need to completely replace your whole system; you just need to treat it with some simple but effective measures to keep everything in check. The refrigerant level deteriorates with time and needs replacing; as does the oil level while the number of deposits can increase. All of this can be fixed with the help of some clever machinery, a high powered vacuum to get those stubborn deposits and some fresh liquid.

What Services we Offer

At Brownlow Radiators we offer a number of services to help you keep your air conditioner running efficiently and effectively. We offer services to air conditioning units both on and off-site, giving you piece of mind when you need help the most.


We offer a full system service which includes a vacuum of the air conditioning system, a re-charge of the oil and a full air conditioner re-gas. By regularly maintaining your system you will keep it running efficiently – saving you money in the future. And with our top-of-the-range leak protection system, you can be sure that you will leave with the best maintenance that can be provided.


We also offer the service to Repair and Replace Aircon Condensers which can also be purchased here at Brownlow Radiators.


Lots of manufacturers have different recommendations for how regularly you should service your air conditioning unit; the average is about every 24 months. For more detailed information you should refer to your manufacturers handbook.

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