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Automotive Radiators


We specialise in manufacturing performance cooling units for bikes, cars, karts and many more. We can guarantee your performance machine won’t overheat and let down when you push your machine to it’s very limit. We have a large stock of all OE Radiators to purchase off the shelf


– Radiator repair specialists: Auto, C.V, Agricultural Plant
– Manufacture and repair old; Aluminium oil coolers
– Chemical cleaning
– Air conditioning Services
– Comprehensive stocks of new and service exchange radiators


– Radiators & Heaters
– Automotive
– Commercial vehicles
– Agricultural
– Plant
– Aluminium or steel oil coolers
– Inter coolers
– After coolers
– Tubular


1-HEAVY DUTY CORE. This heavy duty core is designed to hold maximum water levels under high pressures.

2-FINLESS CORE. This design lets a greater level of air flow through your radiator for maximum cooling.

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