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Combi Coolers

Combi Coolers

Here at Brownlow Radiators, we manufacture first class combi coolers for the top vehicles such as Case, Manatum, Caterpillar and many, many more. As well as using conventional materials, we also make combi coolers in copper and brass as this increases the performance and speed of cooling considerably.

We also have a comprehensive repair service available for all combi coolers at extremely reasonably prices. To find out more simply use the contact details found on this site to speak to one of Brownlow Radiators’ combi cooler experts.

Why A Combi Cooler?

Combi coolers are used due to their incredible performance when it comes to energy efficient cooling. They comprise of an expertly integrated system of an ultra-compact AHU installation. This is matched to the requirements of mounted chilled beams which are chosen from a range of different styles and sizes. A combi cooler negates the need for space consuming condenser units which are often expensive and need to be installed externally. What’s more, one can also integrate a room controller which monitors the temperature closely and will have a seamless connection and usually and adjustable set point.


Key Benefits of a Combi Cooler System

• A Guaranteed system performance
• Lack of condensers on the roof don’t compromise appearance
• Integration of a fitted liquid cooler
• Less installation work required, both indoors and outdoors
• Cooling and heating coil integration
• Energy efficiency
• Technology means that all components work simultaneously

Why Is The Combi Cooler So Energy Efficient?

Combi coolers from Brownlow Radiators are so popular due to their energy efficiency, especially with the UK endeavouring to reduce their carbon footprint. They achieve this by supplying air to the combi cooler air handling unit and this is cooled to 18°C instead of 15°C as is the case with dated systems.

This process ensures that there is no energy-intensive condensation, which can cause problems. Due to the fact that the aforementioned supply air temperature is that three degrees higher, empty meeting rooms to not overload with heat. This maintains an optimum temperature level and means that absolutely no unnecessary cooling is required. This has the obvious positive effects on energy consumption and can also reduce bills.


Electricity consumption is reduced by up to 14%; this includes any supplementary power which is used by the circuit for the chilled beams.
For any more information on Combi Coolers, do not hesitate to get in touch with the specialists here at Brownlow Radiators.

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