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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

    Company- Brownlow Radiators Group
    Buyer- the customer buying the goods
    Goods- the goods produced by the company to the buy under the terms pre-agreed

  2. Contract

    All orders are subject to these conditions of sale and the placing of an order by the buyer is considered as the buyer agreeing to these conditions.

These conditions should not be changed unless agreed and proven in writing by the company. The company should not accept other conditions nor waive any of these conditions by failing to object to provisions contained in any purchase order or other communication from the buyer.

  1. Prices

    All prices given for goods are subject to change as the company reserve the right to change the prices without giving prior notice.

  2. New Accounts

    Customers wishing to open a new account with the company should provide to trade references and one bankers reference. Until the company confirm the opening of a new account a remittance should be provided with an order.

  3. Payment Terms

    Invoice settlement should be paid within 30 days after the end of the month in which the goods were delivered and shall be made in accordance with the invoice values. The company reserve the right to charge interest on outstanding balances.

  4. Warranty/Guarantee

    The warranty period is defined as the period from the date the company delivers the goods until 12 months from this date.

The company undertake to repair or replace any goods produced by the company that becomes defective within the warranty period. The product being defective if it fails to functions properly due to fault in the design, material or workmanship and the defect arises under normal conditions of service or storage.

All warranty conditions will be invalidated if the company’s opinion is that the product has been subjected to misuse or improper installation or application.

Our liability is “wholly” limited to the terms of this warranty and the company shall not be liable for direct or consequential damage or loss however caused. The company give no other guarantee, statutory or otherwise, expressed or implied in a written document.

Our warranty does not cover and subsequent costs in connection with mounting/dismounting, such as wages, loss of profit, driving, accommodation etc.

Under NO circumstances will warranty be give for the following-

-wrong product ordered.
-defect as a result of improper installation.
-defect as a result of improper usage.
– accidental damage once delivered and/or once fitted to vehicle
-defect caused by other products or influences- excessive vibration, incorrectly filled system, poor water pumps, incorrect inhibitors, faulty thermostats etc.
-products used for motor sport

  1. Packing/Delivery

    All goods leaving the company will be packed in such a way as to protect them against damage during normal handling whilst in delivering vehicle.