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The term “shot blasting” is given to a form of treating surfaces. This process is characterized by the use of a steel abrasive – favourably of high velocity. Why is this form of surface treatment used? Well, it helps by providing fantastic cleaning and preparing when it comes to secondary finishing operations and is perfect for the cleaning of commonly used materials like iron and steel. It is also perfect when it comes to non-cast parts and forgings. If you wish to prepare any given surface for a paint job or a new coating, shot blasting is ideal.


The process works effectively by focusing “abrasive” parts at any surface, which helps to remove any contaminates that may be dwelling. This works because of the high speed in which the abrasive parts are shot out and the impact that is made on the particular surface. When carrying this process out, it is important that particles are shot onto the surface, or material in a controlled and focused manner. The speed at which the abrasive particles hit the surface can range anywhere from 50 to 110 miles every second.


The traditional method of shot-blasting (circa 1930 and beyond) involved the use of compressed air, in order to make the shot. If the user wishes to clean certain surfaces, such as metal frames, this process is still implemented.

Types of Production Line

There are generally two types of production line when it comes to the process of shot blasting. Both lines, whether referring to manual or automated systems, function as a result of centrifugal-wheel blast machines — a high-power, high-efficiency blasting operation with recyclable abrasive. This became possible following the introduction of this type of blast machine relatively late on. This type of shot blasting is significantly more productive that any former methods, including the use of compressed air. Generally, wheel blasting is known for resulting is a cleaner and neater surface finish.


Of course, determining the exact type of shot blasting technology that is brought into play is dependent the size and the shape of the particular material, surface or part.

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